MLBPool2 Scoring and Standings

Double Points Bonus

After the season has started and all players have paid the entry fee, the Commissioner will update all of the MLBPool2 player’s picks to determine if they qualify for the double points bonus.

After this is complete, you can see if any of your picks qualified for the double bonus points by reviewing your picks from your Account page and clicking the season year under Seasons Played on the Account page.


The Commissioner can update the standings at any time. Visit the Standings page from the homepage and click the year under Season on the Standings History page to view the MLBPool2 player standings for that season.

This will take you to the Standings page for that season and display a list of all players who are playing or have played in that season, sorted by the player with the most points. The Standings page will show you the last time the MLB player statistics and MLBPool2 scoring was updated. You can then click the name of the player to view their picks and how many points they earned for each pick. The Unique? column will show Yes if that pick qualified for the double points bonus.

If you see a discrepancy in the points calculations, please let the Commissioner know.